New Mexico Off-season Travel

Fun in the Sun & SNOW in New Mexico Driving down snow covered roads, and needing to get a ‘run’ at the driveway to enter a wildlife sanctuary is not how I imagined New Mexico. Yes, this is the high desert in off-season—mid November to be exact. Mexico, the country, is synonymous with beaches. Mexico [...]

Flying Suitcase

It’s spring and the Flying Suitcase hits the ground in Vancouver. The misty rain didn’t dampen this photo shoot, or these spring travel looks!

Palm Springs-Beyond the Golf Courses

Golfing and shopping are synonymous with Palm Springs…but what to do if you don’t particularly like either? How about meandering 1,200 acres of gardens and animals in the Living Desert Conservation, and learn about their important work of “preserving, conserving and interpreting the desert and all its varied plant and animal life”? The site includes a [...]

The Island of Hawaii

Aloha from the Island of Hawaii, also known as the ”Big Island”.  At approximately 4,028 square miles or 10,430 sq km, it is more than double in size than all the other Hawaiian islands combined. The island is built from 5 separate volcanoes that erupted. Because volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kiīlauea are still active, the island [...]

Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita Mexico is a little piece of paradise approximately a one-hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta. This off-the-beaten-locale is quite popular with surfers, artists and travelers who are looking for a laid back experience with beautiful rugged beaches, lush jungle, and great food and great people. Once a sleepy fishing village, Sayulita is blossoming into [...]

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